Rental Concierge

We assist individuals and corporations in finding the best residential rentals in Los Angeles. We go to work so you don’t have to. We view the properties that you want to make sure your time isn’t wasted.

Services include:

  • Rental search and strategy customized to your needs
  • Professional assessment of your lifestyle needs
  • Neighborhood recommendations
  • Assessment of your desired amenities (i.e. views, proximity to freeways, gym, yard space)
  • Need-to-know information about schools, utility information, movers, interior designers, general contractors, handymen and more
  • Personalized apartment search
  • Access to unlisted properties from our network of real estate professionals

If you are moving to or within Los Angeles, contact us today!





If you are interested in getting your properties leased quickly and efficiently, call so that we can discuss the services my team and I offer.

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